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Wound filter

product description
Wound filter wound particular manner by the textile fibers are formed in a multi-skeleton. Control filter winding winding density filter that can be made ​​of different filtration precision. The cartridge filter pore size Ouchi, excellent depth filtration effect.
The wound filter can effectively remove the suspended solids in the liquid, and particles. Flow and pressure loss. Residue load, long service life. Filter can withstand higher pressure. Depending on the nature of the liquid to be filtered, the filter has to choose from a variety of different materials, so that the filter with the filtrate have good compatibility.
It uses very widely applicable to domestic water, food processing water circulating cooling water, boiler feed water, ultrapure water to filter, steam condensate, the oilfield workover fluid and water injection, liquid chemical, electrical degrees liquid, a variety of acidic or alkaline solution, emulsifiers, detergents, pharmaceuticals, inks, oils, paints, inks, photographic film emulsion, pulp filter.
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