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Programs and economic comparison of water treatment systems in residential areas

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Has basically met the condition of the water system in the construction of residential areas, and maturing. First, the residential area larger displacement, the miscellaneous water demand, the water is easy to balance, the design of the water system and the smooth operation of the benefit; Secondly, with the scale of the urban residential area as well as the development of water treatment technology, water system early investment and operating costs will be significantly reduced; again, housing privatization, the rise of residential property management and improve the return on investment of the water system has laid the foundation. After using the water in the system the residential area water consumption is expected to save 30% to 40%, the displacement can be reduced by 35% to 50%, will have a good social and environmental benefits.
Water sources and different processing methods, in the water system can take many forms, and how to choose what form design key. Now a district, for example, choose three typical approach to analyze and compare (the cell all six layers brick and concrete residential water balance, the initial investment and operating costs, total construction area of ​​10 × 104m2 floor area ratio of 1.2, The green area of ​​30%, a total of 1100, 3300, 270 cars).