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Yizheng Hualian Filtration Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in the beautiful and fertile Yangtze River Delta, located in the lower reaches of the Yangtze River in central Jiangsu Province, jurisdiction and Yangzhou City. East Yangzhou, Zhenjiang; west capital of six dynasties, Nanjing; surging south to the Yangtze River; north of Nanjing-Qidong railway, along the highway, location and convenient transportation.
The company is a professional production of various models of the corrugated filter, candle filter. Filter with stainless steel fiber sintering, stainless steel special nets. Widely used in filtration of polyester, chemical fiber, chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries in a variety of production materials, the factory has highly qualified technical personnel, using the most advanced production equipment, the introduction of foreign latest production technology, product quality has reached the level of imported products, reasonable prices, good service. The user can map ordering or sample processing, and to provide technical advice.
Companies adhering to the "honesty, adherence to the contract, the homogeneity of parity with the bid quality" aim to provide our clients with quality services, please call us.